Assistant Boutique Manager - Claremont, WA




Assistant Manager (ASM)




Store Manager


Casual Sales Assistant


Internal: Entire Team

External:  Customers, Couriers, Trades People, Anyone who enters the Store.




Permanent Full Time




To support in the growth of store sales and maximize store profitability while maintaining the highest levels of customer care and operational performance. To up hold the alice McCALL brand by providing leadership and coaching to all team members.


This position will be assessed by measuring the achievement of sales/service, VIP management, wages, shrinkage, average sale and IPT, conversion, database capture and staff development.




1. Financials

The Assistant Manager (ASM) is responsible for:

  • The sales, wages, average sales and multi-rates, and shrinkage targets for their store.
  • Ensuring team members are aware of their financial budgets, and given the tools, training and support to achieve them.
  • Motivating and Encouraging team members to achieve their financial budgets.
  • Ensuring team members are aware of category budgets, average sale results, IPT results and conversion to capitalize on every sale opportunity.
  • Developing an understanding of the customer profile for their store.
  • Being aware of competitor activity, to ensure that we are aware of what our competitors are doing and what we could be doing better.


2. Administration / Stock

The Assistant Manager (ASM) is responsible for:

  • Ensuring they comply with the systems in place to control the loss of revenue due to theft, poor administration, error and waste at store level.
  • Providing feedback to Store Manager on stock opportunities, or issues with stock.
  • Ensuring that reserves are maintained to protect the stock and make refilling the store a practical task.
  • Ensuring that team members comply with and under Policy and Procedures and standards as provided in the company manuals.
  • Ensuring that team members fulfil all administrational requirements.
  • Ensuring that all administrational tasks are completed and submitted in line with company expectations on a daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal basis.
  • Ensuring that administrative requirements, including filing, following up on customer correspondence, store feedback etc is actioned without delay for the store.
  • Ensuring that Outlook planners/store diaries are completed according to company standard for the month / season ahead.


3. Staff Development / Training / Customer Service

The Assistant Manager (ASM) is responsible for:

  • Assisting with the development of each team member in the store.
  • Embracing the company training initiatives and ensure that training follow-up is undertaken so that team members understand that there is an expectation that they make improvements as a result of the training attended.
  • Supervising team members and provide guidance to Senior Casuals in their supervision of team members.
  • Leading by example in the level of customer care required to enhance the image of the company – and embrace the alice McCALL way.
  • Ensuring that team members are trained to use correct sales techniques at all times.
  • Assisting in the recruitment of high calibre team members that fulfil the company requirements, taking into consideration succession planning strategies, and whom reflect the company philosophy.
  • Supporting Store Managers performance counsel team members to established company guidelines; ensuring appraisals are conducted and succession plans established for the store, exit interviews are conducted when appropriate.
  • Identifying opportunities for team members to improve their performance through positive and constructive feedback, and ensure that that the action plans for performance reviews are managers.


4. Visual Merchandising

The Assistant Manager (ASM) is responsible for:

  • Working with Store Managers and the VM coordinator to ensure they are maintaining visual merchandising standards and merchandising product to maximise sales potential – taking into consideration actual sales results and category results.
  • Ensuring that they prepare for and execute VM direction set.
  • Promoting VM feedback from Store Manager/National Retail Manager and Visual Merchandiser to ensure that the product is in the right place at the right time to maximize sales opportunities.


5. Communication

The Assistant Manager (ASM) is responsible for:

  • Effective communication with internal and external customers.
  • Ensuring punctuality at all times.
  • Ensuring the Policy and Procedures Manual is followed at all times.
  • Ensuring all correspondence is actioned according to company standard ie memos, emails etc.
  • Promoting and maintaining harmonious working relationships within the team.
  • Consistency with one-on-one meetings and that they have structure / purpose / follow up.


6. VIP Management

The ASM is responsible for:

  • Embedding the VIP program into their store culture and team and ensuring they have a strong understanding on how to foster these relationships
  • Cultivating the customer journey from a first time customer into a life-long alice McCALL VIP
  • Effective VIP Management and an understanding of how to grow each stores VIP base
  • Adding new VIPs into their Tier 1 category every month
  • New customer sign up targets must be met
  • Ensuring customer information is accurate and relevant for each customer profile
  • Focusing on creating and maintaining a high linkage rate on a weekly basis


7. Compliance to Safety Strategy

The Assistant Manager (ASM) must:

  • Be responsible for complying with all legislative requirements of the alice McCALL Safety System & Strategy and being aware of updates to information, policies or legislation.
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of the applicable Safe Work Practice (SWP) that is related to this position.
  • Attend training sessions that are related to safety.
  • Identify hazards & risks within the workplace and either fix, remove or report.
  • Follow all injury management procedures.
  • Comply with Site Safety Accountabilities & Responsibilities Summary pertaining to this role.




An Assistant Manager (ASM) is expected to behave in the following ways:

  • Customer focused: with a friendly and helpful manner
  • Leads by example, with immaculate presentation and articulation
  • Knows, accepts and follows all policies & procedures, including safety related policies
  • Trains & coaches all team members
  • Practices and encourages good communication
  • Practices and encourages team work
  • Encourages individual performance
  • Is knowledgeable and passionate about the alice McCALL brand
  • Acts professionally at all times
  • Is results driven: and has attention to detail
  • Is punctual and dependable
  • Stays calm under pressure



  1. Sales / Customer Care
  2. Wages
  3. Shrinkage
  4. Average Sale / Multi Sale
  5. Database
  6. Staff Development
  7. Compliance to Safety Strategy



  • Interpersonal Skills: Considers and responds appropriately to the needs, feelings and capabilities of different people in different situations; is tactful, compassionate and sensitive, and treats others with respect.
  • Process Orientated: Build and maintain workable procedures that enable the business to attain their growth and development plans.
  • Communication Skills; Effective communication both verbal and in writing
  • Team Focused: Actively works to support their team members.
  • Ethics & Professionalism: Earn the trust, respect, and confidence of co-workers and customers through consistent honesty, forthrightness and professionalism in all interactions.



  • Accountability: Accept personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work. Can be relied upon to achieve predetermined goals & objectives.
  • Attention to Detail: Ensure that information is correctly processed and that work complies with relevant internal/external rules, procedures and regulatory requirements.
  • Record Keeping: Efficient and accurate record keeping.
  • Analytical thinking: Ability to analyse, investigate and interpret financial data and information.
  • Mathematical Reasoning: Accurately choose from and utilize a variety of mathematical and/or statistical techniques to formulate conclusions or solve practical problems.
  • Problem Solving: Break down problems into smaller components, understand underlying issues, can simplify and process complex issues, understand the difference between critical details and unimportant facts.
  • Planning & Organising: Sound ability to plan, organise & prioritise work.
  • Results Orientation & Initiative: Focus on results & desired outcomes & how best to achieve them. Identify what needs to be done & proactively takes appropriate action.  Display a personal drive that enables them to go the extra mile in delivering excellent performance.
  • Experiences & Qualifications: Well presented & articulate, Word, Minimum 1 year experience in Sales role.