REPORTING TO: Head of Global Sales & Marketing and Marketing Coordinator

Assist with execution of PR activity for alice McCALL
Showroom & sample coordination
Assist with execution of marketing activity for alice McCALL



  • Assist with execution of seasonal press showings
  • Execute showroom enquiries
  • Host media / stylists / celebrities for styling / dressing opportunities as required
  • Maintain a tidy and organised showroom
  • Organise all press sample send outs and returns
  • Seasonal sample management sets
    • Recording all send outs and returns through launchmetrics
    • Barcoding samples using Launchmetrics
    • Ensure all samples are handed over from Wholesale to PR & Marketing team after sales are complete.
    • Packing up samples at the end of a season
  • Maintain Launchmetrics sample tracking system of loaned samples send outs & call backs o Book couriers as required
  • Assist with execution of celebrity / influencer dressing
  • Assist in execution of celebrity / influencer gifting
  • Create weekly showroom samples report
  • Upkeep of press samples (dry cleaning, give to design if damaged, steaming etc.) 
  • Assist coordinating samples to Asia for wholesale during sales period
Influencers/Talent Gifting & Loans
  • Facilitate seasonal gifting and loans
  • Establish and maintain an up to date domestic and international database
  • Maximise opportunities to dress celebrities, influencers by staying aware of current events and occasions 
  • Build and maintain celebrity and influencer relationships 
  • Research new potential celebrities, influencers to gift / loan to 
  • Record influencer/talent gifting requests from Alice appropriately 
  • Follow up all gifting/loan requests to secure tags and coverage

Press – Media & Stylists 

  • Build and maintain media relationships with media and stylists o Maintain an up-to-date domestic and international media database 
  • Maximise product placement opportunities by sharing monthly new arrivals, and look books with stylists and media 
  • Follow up all press loan to secure coverage 
  • Establish and maintain relationships with stylists and media

Press – Media Monitoring 

  • Press scanning & filing press clippings 
  • Subscriptions to relevant magazines & collating all media coverage 
  • Collating monthly press reports & refining for distribution internally

Marketing (Retail, Online and Wholesale) 

  • Support the Marketing & Retail Team with marketing initiatives in-centre and in-store (store events / season launches / VIP events) 
  • Assist with execution of brand promotions & communications to store teams 
  • Support retail marketing by communicating current activity to centre marketing to maximise support on their channels 
  • Maintain and up-to-date contact database 
  • Collate seasonal content packs to distribute to centre marketing teams & wholesale accounts


  • Log all gifting tracking expenditure 
  • Create seasonal reports on all gifting sent & spend

Social Media 

  • Daily community management 
  • Reaching out to influencers/ talent to target through Instagram messages


  • Assist in execution of events such as Fashion Week and various fashion festivals

Look Book Shoots / Campaign Shoots / Mini Marketing Shoots 

  • Assist with organisation as required o
  • Facilitating all tasks and roles on day(s) of shoot


  • Monthly press activity reporting
  • Weekly reports for Manager’s Meetings – collated press coverage (social, digital and print), wholesale support and centre marketing support. 
  • Weekly showroom sample report


  • Pass invoices for purchases to accounts, signed, dated and coded correctly 
  • Filing of documents (magazines, invoices, imagery on server)




  • Marketing Manager 
  • Graphic Designer 
  • Retail team 
  • Wholesale Team 
  • Digital Team 
  • Buying team 
  • Design team 
  • Finance team


  • Media 
  • Key stylists, personalities & bloggers 
  • Centre Marketing Teams 
  • Wholesale accounts


To register your interest for the above opportunity, please send your CV to with the role in the subject line.